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Meet John hicks


John J. Hicks is the President and CEO of

Liberty Consultant Group, Inc.


While taking technical courses in school, John was led to a job in engineering and manufacturing with a fortune 100 company where he spent 16.5 years. Learning manufacturing and upper management gave him a clear and concise understanding of Corporate America.


For over 27 years Mr. Hicks has been

self-employed and has developed several successful businesses. He states, "my vision and life goal is to develop an organization working with fathers.  Reunite Fatherhood Families, Inc., with Order in the House is my dream...coming true." John resides in Mechanicsville, Virginia with his family. John loves life and the qualities it offers him. He also enjoys helping families grow to realize their full potential.


More than anything else, John loves God and how He is using him to bless others, while he is obedient to Him.














"In my professional career of working with people, I’ve discovered two areas that affect most family relationships, causing division in the family." 


I’ve discovered that most people do not know how currency works. They spend the

best years of life working for money, rather than enjoying life with family. 


However, to be wealthy, you must learn the secret. You will never be wealthy working for someone else or working for money, instead you must make money work for you. 


I’ve discovered that most families are not armed to do battle with the institutions. 

They do not have Order In The House.  They do not have a will, executor or power

of attorney, advanced medical directives, a POD account, an estate plan, nor

have they engaged  in developing a living trust. 


This unpreparedness leaves families unprotected and vulnerable to the traps of banks, insurance companies, government, pension & profit sharing plans.


The question I ask myself: 


What will you do when your very own family foundation has been shaken with the unpredictable?


Based on my life experiences, a vision was birthed in me to develop a system to bring families together to avoid the excessive pain and stress of separation and bitterness toward one another in life’s final stage.  From my own personal testimony, I wouldn’t want any family to be confronted like I was. We can help you get your house in order and bring comfort to you and your family, knowing all identifying documents are in place. 


Don’t wait…start yours today!

John J. Hicks










welcome to order in the house

Why is he running?...

He discovered how to live the American Dream!!!